The following Soil Science Courses are available to students:


Upper Division Soil Science Courses

100 Principles of Soil Science

102 Soil and Water Chemistry

105 Field Studies of Soil Resources

107 Soil Physics

109 Nutrient Cycling and Management

111 Soil Microbiology

118 Soils in Land Use and the Environment

120 Soil Genesis, Morphology and Classification

192 Soil Science Internship

198 Directed Group Study

199 Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates


Graduate Courses

PDF Available

Course # Title Quarter Units
SSC 202 Topics in Advanced Soil Chemistry II 3
SSC 205 Field Studies of Soils in California Ecosystems IV 5
SSC 208 Soil-Plant Interrelationships II-E 3
SSC 211 Advanced Soil Microbiology I-E 3
SSC 219 Ecosystem Biogeochemistry III-O 4
SSC 220 Pedology II-E 3
SSC 222 Global Carbon Cycle (Advance in Soil Organic Matter) II-O 3
SSC 298* Foundations of Soils and Biogeochemistry II 2
SSC 299 Research I, II, III 1-12
EBS 215 Soil-Machine Relations in Tillage and Traction II alt yr 3
EBS 240 Infiltration and Drainage II alt yr 3
EBS 242 Hydraulics of Surface Irrigation III alt yr 3
EBS 265 Design and Analysis of Engineering Experiments III 5


Additional Graduate Courses

Course # Title Quarter Units
ECI 245A Applied Environmental Chemistry: Inorganic III alt yr 4
ECI 245B Applied Environmental Chemistry: Organic III alt yr 4
ECI 264B Transport, Mixing and Water Quality in Estuaries and Wetlands III alt yr 4
ECI 272C Multiphase Reactive Transport III alt yr 4
ECI 281A Advanced Soil Mechanics I 4
ECI 281B Advanced Soil Mechanics II 4
ECI 283 Physico-Chemical Aspects of Soil Behavior I 3
ECI 284 Theoretical Geomechanics II 4
ECI 240 Water Quality II 4
ECI 276 Watershed Hydrology II 4
ECL 216 Ecology and Agriculture I alt yr 3
ECL 206 Concepts and Methods in Plant Community Ecology I 4
ETX 220L Analysis of Toxicants Laboratory I 2
ETX 240 Ecotoxicology III 3
GEO 200AN Geographical Concepts I 4
GEO 200BN Theory & Practice of Geography II 4
GEOCN Quantitative Geography III 4
GEO 211 Physical Geography Traditions and Methods I alt yr 3
GEL 216 Tectonics II alt yr 3
GEL 227 Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry II 4
GEL 235 Surface Processes II 3
HRT 203 Research Perspectives in Horticulture I alt yr 3
HRT 251 Modeling Horticultural Systems II 3
HYD 210 Vadose Zone Transport Processes and Modeling III-O 3
HYD 252 Hillslope Geomorphology and Sediment Budgets III-O 4
HYD 273 Introduction to Geostatistics I-E 3
PBI 210 Plant Ecophysiology II alt yr 3
PLS 205 Experimental Design and Analysis II 5
PLS 206 Applied Multivariate Modeling in Agricultural and Environmental
I 4
VEN 216 Vineyard Establishment and Development I 4
VEN 217 Field and GIS Evaluation of Soils II alt yr 3

*SSC 298 will be changed to SSC 200 upon course approval.
Quarter Offered: I =Fall, II=Winter, III=Spring, IV=Summer, E=even year, O=odd year